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Project Scope & Benefits

Scope of Project

The proposed works comprise of the following:

(1) widening of the existing road to dual two-lane

     carriageway (i.e two lanes in each of the Tuen

     Mun and Tsuen Wan directions) and associated

     junctions improvement works;

(2) provision of noise barriers/ noise enclosures;

(3) modification of an existing footbridge near Sam

     Shing Estate and construction of associated lifts;


(4) associated drainage and traffic aids works.


The proposed road widening works will be carried out along the side of the existing Castle Peak Road – Castle Peak Bay. By making use of the available areas, no resumption of private land will be required for the Project. The monument rock situated at the Ki Lun Kong Public Park will be maintained at the present position, and imposes restriction to the road widening works adjacent to Sam Shing Estate.

The following options will be attained from the Project to advance the road design.

Project Benefits

(1) To improve the existing and anticipated traffic 


(2) To optimize the aesthetic design of noise

      barrier / semi- enclosure and

(3) To examine the use of low noise road surfacing.

工程概要及效益 - 小圖1.png

(4) To re-arrange existing footpath and upgrade the

      footpath width at the lay-by of public transport;

(5) To uplift environment of the district by adding the

      landscaping design to plantings along the

      carriageway , such as using planting theme to 

      increase the current value and vitality;

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