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Care of Community - FAQ

The needs and benefits of the Project?

Castle Peak Road – Castle Peak Bay (CPR-CPB) is the remaining section of CPR between Tsuen Wan and Tuen Mun with single two-lane configuration. The adjoining sections of CPR have already been improved to dual two-lane carriageway in the past years. The Widening of CPR-CPB Project is implemented to cope with the developments at Tuen Mun East and to meet the future traffic demand. The investigation result revealed that traffic congestion occurs at CPR-CPB during particular peak hours currently. With the aforementioned developments at Tuen Mun East and the natural traffic growth at CPR, four junctions along CPR-CPB will exceed their capacities in 2016; and traffic congestion is anticipated along the whole section of CPR-CPB in 2021. In order to cope with the anticipated traffic problem, it is necessary to widen the CPR-CPB from existing single two-lane carriageway (i.e. single lane for Tuen Mun and Tsuen Wan direction) to dual two-lane configuration (i.e. two lanes for each direction) to accommodate the anticipated traffic growth and maintain smooth traffic flow.

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The impact on the existing environment is concerned. Can the proposed noise mitigation measures be replaced by trees for noise reduction purpose?

We are highly concerned about tree preservation and greening. During the planning of the road widening project, the affected trees within the Project boundary were assessed in detail based on the existing conditions of the trees, including their locations, species, health conditions, forms, survival rate after transplantation in order to formulate the tree preservation/ transplantation schemes. In the proposal, existing trees are recommended to be retained as far as practicable. In accordance with the guidelines from Environmental Protection Department (EPD), there is no objective data/ standards to justify the noise absorption effectiveness of trees. Noise mitigation measures were proposed along CPR-CPB for traffic noise reduction in the preliminary design. Following consultation with the individual residential developments, the preliminary design scheme was amended to several noise barriers in front of the residential developments and would investigate providing low noise road surfacing.

Can the Project be replaced by the construction of a slip road connecting Tuen Mun Road?

Upon request from the Tuen Mun District Council, a preliminary assessment was made on constructing a slip road at So Kwun Wat connecting Tuen Mun Road. The investigation result revealed that the proposed slip road would not reduce the traffic flow at CPR-CPB. Therefore, the implementation of the Project is necessary.

Large-scale infrastructure construction is more efficient in resolving regional traffic issues than road widening?

Road widening and large-scale infrastructure construction serve different roles in a society. Public road transport provides short trips within a local district and offer “point to point” transportation services for local residents. Furthermore, public road transport also provides greater flexibility in route options and hence can effectively serve as a connection for other major infrastructure facilities (e.g. railway) to meet the social needs on the whole.

How will the potential impact on daily lives of the local residents be handled during construction?

In order to reduce the nuisance to the local residents and control the construction impact to the environment, appropriate mitigation measures in accordance with relevant guidelines of EPD will be implemented and the contractors will be required to implement mitigation measures during construction period complying with the relevant standards (including provision of temporary noise mitigation facilities during noisy construction works, regular cleaning of the site areas and spraying water at construction site). Furthermore, effective and clear temporary traffic arrangement will be implemented to minimise the impact on road traffic along CPR-CPB during construction stage.

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